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subURBAN homestead offers a variety of lectures, classes and events to our clients.  Our clients include corporations, health related companies, medical professionals, seminar organizers, schools, colleges & universities, small businesses, garden clubs, religious organizations, civic groups, children’s groups and not_for_profit organizations.  Our clients retain us to provide lectures, classes and/or events to their targeted audience.  
Our Story - subURBAN homestead
Photo by Kate Gross

From farm tours, to cooking classes to lectures on a variety of healthful subjects, subURBAN homestead offers programs that are unique, fun and custom tailored to diverse audiences and any age group. 


Knowledge is the seed that blossoms into wisdom and growth.  We offer lectures that specialize in Gardening, Food and Wellness.

  • Gardening:

  • Creating Edible Organic Gardening Spaces
    Gardening is the number one hobby in our country and a very grounding activity. Tending land in a way that is respectful to the environment yields a bounty of food that feeds the body and soul. This one hour lecture is designed to provide insight into all of the basic considerations that should be made when creating edible environments.
  • Preparing the Fall Garden for Spring Planting
    This lecture empowers participants to look at the organic matter in their yards and kitchens in a new, inspiring way.  It provides basic principles and concepts that will enable people to naturally, inexpensively and easily utilize these resources to let Mother Nature create rich soil for them over the winter.  The result is a robust garden environment in Spring which is ready for planting. 
  • Garden “Pear”ings
    Amy Cox will present a program about pears -- including her experience in growing 7 varieties of pears in her garden and tips about sourcing pears from local farmers. She will then utilize some of the fruits of her labor to create a simple and delicious food "pear"ings for attendees to sample.
  • Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables
    Amy travels throughout the country and the world with a focused awareness about heirloom fruits and vegetables.  This lecture addresses the magnitude of species that exist, importance of preserving these heirloom plants in their native environments, health benefits of these plants and reasons why they do not usually make it to the shelves of supermarkets.  Also included are some ideas about varieties that can be planted in local gardens.
  • Attracting Winged Wildlife to the Organic Garden
    An ecologically balanced, organic garden flourishes by attracting winged wildlife into the habitat!  Amy will discuss the benefits and ways of attracting winged wildlife into habitats and then lead the group as they craft their own unique birdhouse to bring home.  
  • Food:

  • Seed to Table Cooking Demonstration Lectures
    Experience has demonstrated that tasting makes an audience happy and educated!  Amy will create recipe(s) with healthy, fresh, local ingredients and demonstrate it to the group – educating them along the way about a variety of food related wellness subjects.  The audience will then get to taste what is made and ask questions.
  • Eating Local: Benefits that Extend Beyond the Palate & the Plate
    This program tastefully addresses getting back to the root elements of wellness by eating fresh, in season, locally grown food.  Tips for how to find and source local ingredients will be provided as well as a tasting that will help participants appreciate what good, fresh food tastes like.
  • Supporting & Creating Sustainable Food Communities
    Sustainability on a global level comes from local community action. Why are sustainable food communities important and what can be done to make a community more sustainable? These questions and more are answered and discussed in this lecture.
  • Wellness:

  • Wellness From the Inside Out
    Wellness comes more readily from living a healthy sustainable lifestyle.  Amy has studied the principles of wellness and transformed her personal health by incorporating them into her own lifestyle. This empowering lecture helps the audience identify with these basic principles and begin to turn them into everyday actions that transform their personal lives.


Our Story - subURBAN homestead
Photo by Kate Gross

Hands-on education is the cornerstone of subURBANhomestead’s commitment to health and wellness.  Through empowering others with the tools to take action and clean up their own backyards and local environments, we hope to make a positive difference to personal health and the health of our planet.

  • Gardening Classes on a Variety of Organic Gardening Techniques (Geared Toward Adults and/or Children)
    Wellness begins at the ground level.  Working with and caring for the earth through organic gardening yields a beautiful bounty while fostering a deep bond with our planet.  It is the oldest and most meaningful connection we hold with the land. subURBAN homestead offers introductory and specialty gardening classes for all ages and experience levels, including class series that build upon principles to empower participants to have the right knowledge to turn thought into action. 
  • Cooking Classes Utilizing Organic, Fresh, Nutritious, Seasonally Focused Local Products (Geared Toward Adults and/or Children)
    Cooking and eating good food nourishes both body and soul.  Our classes are designed to empower participants to cook in a way that is simple, beautiful and transformative.  Whether participants are cooking for one or cooking for many, we offer recipes and techniques that make eating good food everyday an attainable reality.
  • Creating Artistic Green Projects
    Amy believes that we are all artists at heart.  Decorating natural bird houses, planting container gardens, and building seasonally inspired flower arrangements are just a sampling of the artistic classes she organizes.


Our Story - subURBAN homestead
Photo by Kate Gross

By highlighting the importance and interconnectedness of food, art, wellness, and the environment, subURBAN homestead hosts events which are fulfilling, educational and down right fun!  We have forged deep partnerships with professionals and experts in a variety of related fields and often pull them into to create unique and memorable experiences. 

  • Specialty Food Experiences
    We have very strong relationships with a number of renowned chefs and culinary professionals. We organize and host lunches, dinners, and other tasting opportunities with well renowned culinary talent and producers.  The combination of incredible talent and delicious, nutritious ingredients make these dinners truly unique and exceptional.
  • Farm & Garden Tours
    Our intimate relationships with many local farmers and gardeners enable us to take your group to some very special places.  Our partners take pride in the beautiful landscapes and produce they produce.  These tours are enjoyable, educational and not soon forgotten.
  • Farmers Market Tours
  • Our deep relationships with local farmers and knowledge about seasonal product offerings enable us to make these tours very memorable and educational.  We offer the option of them taking the produce back to a kitchen to prepare something delightful or end the event with a beautiful meal at a local restaurant that sources their ingredients from the market.
  • Consulting Services
  • We offer a limited amount of consulting services through subURBAN homestead and or sister company, Cutting Edge Consulting.  Contact us for specific information about these services that are custom tailored to the client’s needs.

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