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Our Story - subURBAN homestead
Photo by Kate Gross
Once upon a time there was a suburban gal who longed to live on a farm in Provence. But, she enjoyed her friendly community and its proximity to hip city life so much that she pondered how she could enjoy the best of all worlds. Soon she realized that her humble home could become the farm of her dreams, and her own personal subURBAN homestead was born.

This gal slowly began to add edible plants, trees and herbs obtained primarily from local sustainable farmers, growers and passionate gardening friends to her landscape. Forever fascinated with farmer’s markets and food preparation techniques, she became immersed in relationships with local chefs, food producers, and artisans.

Many of these inspiring individuals have been kind to teach and share elements of their crafts with her. She is so grateful for their wisdom and experience, and she has found ways to convert their amazing expertise into simplified techniques that she utilizes at home.

Soon people began asking her all sorts of questions about sustainable food, gardening, and living. How could she best address their needs? The answer became clear.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, subURBAN homestead was founded to help you uncover the fresh, green lifestyle that dwells in your own home.

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